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Fitting in 20 minutes can sound like a luxury in a day filled with continuous urgency, so we’re here to help you get started. Making small changes over 21 days can restore a sense of calm and balance, and gently steer life towards a healthier daily experience.

GRAVITY is light and easy to travel with, so use it anytime, anywhere you can safely lie down on a flat surface. Listen to music or audio-books, meditate, or just let your thoughts drift away. This Programme is to help ease you into your GRAVITY lifestyle, allowing your body time to adjust to the system if you find you are particularly tense. Alternatively, please feel free to jump straight into 20 minute sessions each day. For more details on using the system.

How to use GRAVITY

Stressed minds and bodies usually mean tense muscles. To get started and ease into getting comfortable with GRAVITY, peel the blue silicone side of the keystone away from the harder white side, and begin by using just the softer blue part for the first 7 days. The spheres go against your skin. If you like, place the storage bag that came with your system over the neck cradle for a softer release of tension. You might feel some stiffness or tenderness whilst all the soft tissues have a chance to relax into a neutral position. This is a normal response! Aim for a 5-minute session or, if you’re happy and comfortable, carry on for longer.

You’re doing great! If you haven’t already, try extending your GRAVITY session to 10 minutes long. If you’re feeling good, carry on for longer! When you’re ready, introduce some extra height by fitting the two pieces of the keystone back together and lying on the blue side. This will increase the feedback from the keystone to stimulate even deeper relaxation. If it feels like too much, go back to using just the blue piece by itself. If you have been using the storage bag on the neck cradle, experiment with not using it. Your body will be stretching out and relaxing. You may feel like you are walking and moving differently as your body relaxes into a more neutral and balanced position.

You might have already naturally moved on to using GRAVITY for at least 20 minutes. If not, now is the time to give it a go. If you have been using just the blue part of the keystone, fit the two pieces together again and lie on the blue side.  The extra height will induce even deeper relaxation, leading to a deeper release of tension and stress.

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