Shane Murnaghan – GRAVITY inventor

The Gravity system was designed and invented by proud Irishman, Shane Murnaghan. Shane is an Amatsu Medicine Certified Practitioner, as well as an Orthopaedic Paraspinal Acupuncture Therapist. He has a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a multi-black belted ninjutsu Bujinkan martial artist. It’s fair to say that with this background Shane is an expert on the human body and how it moves, and the Gravity Life team take great delight in telling family and friends that their boss is an actual qualified ninja.

After being struck by a car as a pedestrian, Shane was left with a broken back and suffering from chronic pain, unable to relax. Using his extensive knowledge, he created the Gravity system.

Finding that it triggered the deep relaxation his body badly needed to heal, his pain levels reduced. Crediting the device for his recovery, Shane introduced the GRAVITY system to some of his patients, discovering that it induced the same deep relaxation he had felt, with a wide range of benefits.


From there Shane decided to launch Gravity Life alongside Michael Fisher, the company’s managing director. Mike has decades of experience in managing the delivery of global brands and began by supplying systems to dozens of practitioners in different sectors for in-field testing.

What happened next

The support for Gravity grew and grew and several awards and thousands of delighted customers later, Mike and Shane are committed in their mission to make the benefits of deep relaxation as accessible as possible.

  • Gravity Life supports several professional bodies, helping keep their workforce mobile and pain free
  • Working closely with educational bodies, Gravity Life is committed to undertaking research projects to explore and educate on the applications of Gravity
  • Gravity Life work with leading sporting organisations, assisting athletes achieve their performance potential
  • Clinical practitioners recommend Gravity to their clients as the perfect self-management tool for use between treatments.

We work hand in hand with physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, Bowen therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, personal trainers and doctors. If you are a practitioner and wish to know more about how you could use Gravity in your practice, or would like to hear about our vendor and distribution opportunities, please contact us today