15 Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon Pilots trialled GRAVITY for 14 days. At the end of the trial, all 15 asked if they could buy their own GRAVITY, as they could see the positive benefits it made to their home and work life.

“If I used the GRAVITY whilst actually experiencing an ache/pain, the ache/pain would disappear much quicker than usual”

First Officer – Airbus

“My muscle tension and discomfort has significantly reduced. I have more free movement, in particular more hip mobility. I’m running with ease and therefore my times have been better.”  

Training Captain – Cathay Dragon

“I love it! I really love using GRAVITY and will continue to do so. I’m amazed, my lower back pain has basically gone”

Senior First Officer – 777

“I enjoyed using the GRAVITY and after about day 4, once I had built it in to my routine, would find that I was looking forward to/feeling ready to use it, especially when the roster meant that it could be used at the end of the day. Looking forward to continuing to use it”

First Officer – Airbus

“When used prior to bed it would induce a more relaxed and “in control” feeling that would enable onset of sleep quicker” 

First Officer – Airbus

“I look forward to a quiet 20 minutes lying on the GRAVITY, which then leaves my body very relaxed. I know if I do have back/neck/shoulder pain, the GRAVITY system is a tool I can use to manage pain myself without having to go to a chiropractor or massage therapist”.

Captain 777