Former Royal Marine, Lee Spencer, has just landed in Gibraltar ahead of his attempt to row solo across the Atlantic.

Lee will set out very shortly from Gibraltar with the aim of reaching Venezuela, in an attempt to beat the able-bodied World Record. Now known as The Rowing Marine, Lee wants to prove there is life beyond injury following an accident in 2014 where he lost his right leg after being hit by a car while helping the survivors of another crash.

The serviceman’s career and training are what he credits with saving his life as he was able to instruct bystanders on how to tie a tourniquet and helped paramedics once they arrived on the scene. During a long stay in rehabilitation, Lee began planning the rest of his life and how he would adapt following 24 years serving as a Royal Marine.

In 2015, he completed the 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean as part of a team of 4 injured veterans. Following this incredible feat, Lee is now preparing to become “the world’s first physically disabled person to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America on his own.” With a huge support system behind him, including Prince Harry, who wished him luck in person last year, Lee will do battle with 30-foot waves, extreme lack of sleep and fatigue.

Ex Marine Rowing Machine Lee & Prince Harry

The ex-Marine has used GRAVITY to help recover from his injuries and prepare for the row and will continue with its use during the challenge to help repair and relax throughout. GRAVITY is the perfect tool to take along on an expedition like this as it is light, portable, and easy to use. The device is able to assist Lee in various areas, from reducing stress levels and improving sleep, to releasing tension from hard worked muscles and realigning the spine and improving posture after hours in a rowing position.

Should you wish to read more about Lee’s amazing story, follow his journey or even help him to raise money for the Royal Marines Charity and the Endeavour Fund you can do so at

The GRAVITY LIFE team wish him the very best of luck!

Lee Spencer Ex Marine Rowing Machine
Lee Spencer Ex Marine Rowing Machine GRAVITY