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For the normal stiffness of everyday life once a day should suffice, if you have more episodes of pain and tension use it any time you feel the desire up to three times a day depending on levels of discomfort or stress. If pains is continuing and your concerned stop using the gravity system and contact you GP who knows you best.

No. Unless you have a firm board at least the width and length of a yoga mat for you to lie on that can become the rigid platform needed to feel the benefit of the Gravity System. This hard surface on the bed allows the release of tense tissue as the gravity does not then get pushed into the mattress. Even hard mattresses are designed to give, so some sort of under support must be use on a bed to have any real affect.

No, gravity requires you to relax close your eyes and let the body release tension in as many areas as possible. TV, eye strain, reading, texting, emailing, facetime or holding your gaze, talking and holding objects are all considered an interference with the effectiveness of gravity.

We have had many children of ten years and older use it and feel really good, it depends on their size and ability to relax effectively. So, yes for big over 10 yrs. old for relaxation. See instructions or ask your seller or mail sales@gravitylife.co.uk if you’re not sure.

Yes, listen to nice relaxing music.

Its designed for up to a 20 inch neck and should always feel comfortable, if not it is due to strain by the user. Use some moisturiser to help it fit and never strain or force yourself to be on it.

If you are not happy to use gravity and it feels genuinely unusable please return it for a refund. But, if gravity feels a bit uncomfortable after the first few minutes, be sure to be relaxed and be aware of how much tension your neck may already be in.. Tension releases with gravity but some people are very tense trying new things, try a nice hot shower before using it for the first few times. Use some moisturiser on the back of your neck. Remember you back starts at the pelvis and any strain from the buttocks to the neck can be pulled from either buttocks to neck, make sure your hips are relaxed and you are ready for your session.

True results as in positive change and a progression to complete pain gone can take half a dozen sessions. Read and understand our 21/20 using plan as it works . Feeling easier to move, or reducing pain, or improving flexibility of movement or less stress can happen after the first session. However your desire to make it part of your daily routing is what will really make the difference.

To get the best results it is essential to use both parts at the same time . The cradle or Keystone can be used separately but in general, testing and balancing both ends of the spine at the same time is the most powerful results from the system.

Condition related questions

With regards to ankylosing spondylitis, this is a progressive condition but manageable with anti inflammatories and GRAVITY as it can help the back to feel less tense allowing more flexibility and muscle movement. But the success of this does depend on the severity of the condition and how long the patient has had it. For the purposes of keeping mobility to its maximum and a better sense of movement and flexibility, using GRAVITY regularly can help the user remember that they have more movement than their stiff posture dictates. GRAVITY can also promote a better approach to posture and alleviate stiffness and pain. The way it works is by stacking the vertebrae on top of each other in the most natural way assisting the user to remain in a natural neutral pose, taking the weight off the head and off of the stooped spine.

We have had some good success with the system and those suffering with arthritic pain. The reason being the pain and stiffness uses contraction of muscles and tension in the back as a pain control. This tension prevents proper re hydration of the joints and tissues, in turn causing pain. Trigger points form within the muscles and calcium deposits block the tissue from draining causing pain and fibromyalgia like symptoms. Using GRAVITY every day can help reduce the tension in the muscles, help flexibility and release unconscious tension, in turn relieving the muscles, their nervous system reporting sensors and giving the person relief in the form of less pain. The inflammatory condition on the other hand can be affected by seasons, weather, diet and labour, all of which require scrutiny so as to help the sufferer. The felt relief can be enhanced with further use of GRAVITY allowing the body to learn how to remain less tense, reducing irritation, fatigue and pain in the muscles.
The issue of bulging discs is that yes there is compression or some failure in the structure of the disk, but is it the actual source of pain? Yes, if you can categorically prove its pressing on the exit of the nerve and obstructing the function of the nerve. But unless it is incriminated it may well be a long standing problem that has had no influence on other events. But when seen in an x ray its is often mistakenly focused on. It is important to make sure the spine is fully relaxed and moving freely before embarking upon serious surgery.

GRAVITY can assist with bulging discs, a good session done twice a day and using something cold, ice, a bag of peas etc. Place this over the area for at least 20 minutes before and after the session, this can be incredibly helpful in letting the tension subside. And within 48 hours there could be a significant difference.

All cases are different, but if a patient is in less pain and is feeling better – this is the best signal of recovery.

As the spine becomes more familiar with staying relaxed, the recovery will become easier. Pain can cause people to be tense and contract muscles unconsciously. So, confidently, cool the area, relax on GRAVITY, be patient and reap the benefits!

Any Children over 13 years old and taller than 4ft 6” who are generally active and with no long-term health issues should be able to use the GRAVITY system. However, if you have any reason for concern please contact our medical team
A person who has had long standing damage to the coccyx may very well get good relief from using GRAVITY. The coccyx has moving parts to it and strain can often be associated to the general strain on the pelvis. So if the condition is not acute or not professionally diagnosed but chronic by it’s time present then GRAVITY is worth a try.

Yes, using Gravity is likely to help you by reducing the tension around the tight structures and assisting in pain relief, helping the body to become more relaxed. We strongly recommend that you are cautious, cooling the area first with an ice pack for 20 minutes, then use just the silicone side of the keystone peeled away from the hard side. Use the device for just a few minutes at a time at first, until your muscles start to become less tense. The rule is to be gentle, as hard painful therapy is not beneficial to you. We have many incredible recovery stories, but each patient is unique.

Calcium tissue deposits are what cause pain for those suffering with Fibromyalgia, as this solidifying of calcium irritates your nerves and creates pain within your muscles. GRAVITY can be very beneficial as it relaxes your muscles and in turn releases built up tension, thereby relieving pain. However the key here is relaxation. So perhaps a nice hot bath or shower before a GRAVITY session would help to put you in a more relaxed state and would allow your body to open to GRAVITY.

In your case less may be more, so rather than daily GRAVITY sessions of 20 minutes or more, try having a day or more between GRAVITY sessions and start with 5-10 minutes and build up very gradually. Making sure you are properly hydrated is also very important, so tonic for fatigue or a berocca boost – something like this could help improve your electrolytes and keep you hydrated thus tackling the exhaustion you feel from your condition.

Foraminal stenosis is a really painful condition but the tension around the stenosis can be often due to muscular tension. By helping to release the tension GRAVITY can affect the stenosis, relieving the pain by association. Many users of GRAVITY have had successful relief of pain, since the objective of the GRAVITY system is to encourage space and correct tension in the soft tissue by gently holding the neck and the lower back in a controlled and not forced light traction. The neural element of the stenosis that causes the pain may well be changed through use of GRAVITY.

Headaches can arise for many reasons and if continuous need to be medically checked. Many headaches happen due to posture and strain on the neck muscles supporting the back of the head. These can feel like a “skull cap”. Sinuses, compressed nerves and sleeping position all play a role as well. The GRAVITY system allows the head to be fully supported in a neutral position and take well needed time out. The spinal cord and nerves travel all the way to the lower back alongside many of the large muscles that keep us standing upright. The keystone supports the lower spine together with the neck cradle to help take tension away creating an environment to resolve the pattern.
Any tension in the shoulders will drive the cradle upwards towards the head and that may on occasion be the head ache problem. You may find while lying on GRAVITY whilst you think you are relaxing you may be resisting relaxation in the neck and shoulders. Try a nice shoulder massage or imagine you are floating on the water on your back when using GRAVITY as this may help and will allow you to focus on your breath being even and slow. Then you should find that your shoulders begin to relax and the cradle doesn’t ‘dig in’ as much into the back of the head. For the first couple of sessions you could place the black velvet GRAVITY bag over the cradle to give your head extra cushion until you become used to using it. Also always ensure you are comfortable when using GRAVITY – this means adjusting the cradle so that it is in the best position for you, ensuring you are warm, fed and watered and not too tired (if you’re very tired your body needs sleep and the impact of GRAVITY may be too much for you to handle at that time.) If after trying these things you are still getting headaches after a GRAVITY session we suggest you stop using the device as headaches can arise for many reasons and if continuous need to be medically checked.

Hip surgery is often hugely successful and the key to this is relearning how to walk with a good weight bearing as soon as feasible after surgery and balance is of course essential to walk properly. This is where GRAVITY comes in – so, once you feel adequately healed following surgery GRAVITY sessions can help release tension, speed up recovery and maintain a good walking balance.

We suggest using GRAVITY around 2 weeks after surgery and probably no earlier, also you need to make sure that there are no bleeds post surgery before beginning GRAVITY sessions. Following the instructions on how to use carefully, the team suggests starting off with 5 minute sessions and slowly building to 10, 15 and then 20 minutes. This could be quite helpful as following surgery for a hysterectomy you can be left with lower back pain issues as the pelvis returns to normal balance so gentle use of the product could certainly be beneficial. If in any doubt or pain please cease using and get in touch for further information.
The level of exhaustion perceived by the body is often under estimated and rarely given the proper time to recover. The distress of the body doesn’t go anywhere until properly told that is is safe to decompress and effectively rest. This vitally important aspect of modern living is so overlooked as not being valuable, but that’s a dangerous assumption to make. Deep recovery is a powerful tool in healing and recovery and essential rest triggered by GRAVITY has a huge effect on the ME patient, for peace of mind, less stress, deeper sleep and less painful stiffness.
Multiple sclerosis is such a big issue in patients it is well researched by science. But the lack of relaxation and body tension can be a reason the sensory feedback becomes amplified and forever worse. Using GRAVITY has been found by patients in the Netherlands to help them relax and overcome tension and the knock effect to date has been better sleep, less pain and improved mobility.
GRAVITY inventor Shane is currently working closely with a number of Parkinson’s patients and we have ongoing studies into the effect of the GRAVITY system on those patients. We are delighted so far with the results as many customers talk of improved balance. With this in mind, a Parkinson’s patient could well help their balance and improve kinetic control with regular GRAVITY sessions, which could also improve their rest and muscular fatigue. The simplicity of GRAVITY potentially allows the person to take time out and rest from their Parkinson’s symptoms and it has a roll to play in helping people self-manage their life in a variety of environments when symptoms become over powering.

The inventor of the GRAVITY system, Shane Murnaghan, actually created the device after being hit by a car which left him with a bi lateral pars defect and slippage. GRAVITY gave excellent results restoring Shane’s mobility and relieving his pain.

Pain is complex in nature and is often purely just the way the brain feels it, regardless of if there is a limb there or not. Anything that introduces a “normal signal” and helps the brain to re-interpret the pain signal is useful. The GRAVITY system may help the neural signals recalibrate after trauma as it introduces a very relaxed position helping the flight or fight mechanism move into a more “switched off” state. Research is in its early stages but the feedback from users is very encouraging.

As in all pregnancy we want a safe, full term pregnancy. Anything that may interrupt that could be a mistake or dangerous. Albeit many women practice yoga and Pilates, as well as work right up to the 38th week, there is still the need to exercise caution. Severe back pain can be totally separate to the pregnancy and therefore it is a good idea to wait until after pregnancy to assess if GRAVITY could be beneficial to you. While pregnant we do not advise that you use this device.
The incidence of prolapse in a spinal disc or a slippage or a rupture can of course be the source of pain, but it is important that this is agreed on by your doctor with an X ray or MRI.

Tense muscles, dehydrated muscles, spasm in soft tissue and irritation caused by trigger points due to other factors must all be investigated first.

Surgeons are often reluctant to operate as they must be absolutely certain that the issue is from a prolapsed or slipped disc. This is where GRAVITY comes in, GRAVITY can be used as a tool to support the surgeon as he/she gets a better understanding/baseline and view of the whole injury and can make his/her call regarding surgery from there as GRAVITY helps the body to relax and the surgeon can better see what is causing the issue. This is why a smart injection can sometimes shrink the swelling, fixing the pain and preventing deep surgery, but often the ‘shot’ doesn’t work as there are other issues unacknowledged that can be the cause of the pain.

GRAVITY can be very effective when used to treat prolapsed and slipped discs, especially when long standing, as it continues to keep the person completely relaxed and educates the body back to its proper, relaxed and better postured state. So, in conclusion, it is worth using to amend the majority of the issues caused by pain and is very often the solution as the poor disk is often blamed for a whole-body revolution to pain.

Post-natal back pain can be from a range of sources as well as the overloaded body leaving ligaments very flexible. GRAVITY should have a centring effect on the body which could improve posture, balance and movement and help to alleviate strain and relieve pain.
Sciatica is caused by compression on the L5 / S2 nerves as they either exit the spine itself or become compressed somewhere on route through the pelvis or down the hamstring group itself. The keystone of the GRAVITY system is specifically designed to allow the pelvis to sit in an opened position and encourage space along the nerve track. The neck cradle assists the entire spinal chord and spine by holding the base of the neck in neutral. Between the two, the rotations and adaptations that your spine has made over time can be assisted to rest and recover, reduce the inflammation and over time allow the sciatic nerve to return to a healthy and functional state. When used every day for 20 minutes, 6 weeks commitment the results are favourable. It also gives you essential “time out” when this maybe exactly what your lower back is looking for and a bed or sofa doesn’t achieve the same objective.
Scoliosis is a progressive disorder and unfortunately GRAVITY cannot rewrite that, it has many bio mechanical attributes as the ‘bending’ of the spine can cause disruption in bio- mechanics through the body leading to possible discomfort in the shoulders, neck and lower back. The earlier the individual is seen the better as Scoliosis sufferers need a programme to assist them and then GRAVITY can be added as an additional tool to whatever programme is set. GRAVITY is a non-invasive approach which can potentially lift the weight off the nerves and soft tissue for a period of time and allow the body to calibrate naturally. When used regularly it supports tissue which maybe under strain or overloaded. Flexibility and balance are required in the skeletal frame and GRAVITY can be a great help to improve relaxation, movement, flexibility and balance so it is certainly worth trying to see if it can assist with some of the symptoms.

Trapped nerves need explaining – the picture in our mind is a nerve stuck somewhere. When this occurs, how muscles are contracted, the position of your body all play a vital role. For example, if your shoulders roll forwards you can compress the important nerves supplying to the hand which creates a loss of power, tingling and numbness. The nature of computers, phones and game consoles, driving all allow the shoulders to roll forwards and limit the nerves. In the lower back, standing on one foot too long, leaning naturally to one side or work that is repetitive in a set position can change the space available to the nerves and sciatic type symptoms, pain, inability to stand upright etc, can occur. The GRAVITY allows the lower back and the neck to sit comfortably in neutral, this allows the shoulders to roll naturally back and gently stretch the fascia, opening the shoulder. The keystone helps the sacrum and the lower back sit in a comfortable neutral position as well potentially helping nerves to find the space they need. It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable for a short time when you start with the GRAVITY if these are your problems. Regular use over 4-6 weeks usually sees this fade away and your back will feel more stable and pain free. You will also stop compensating and adapting to the problem as your body relearns how to stay a neutral/natural position.

GRAVITY is designed to primarily work on the spine and pelvis. Indirectly it can help the peripheral problems at the wrist, as it is associated via the rotation of the humerus in to external or internal rotation. However, a direct trauma to the ulnar nerve at the ulnar groove may be as a result of carpal tunnel or irritation in general, and require rest or abrasion that requires surgery.

Whiplash can be a really serious injury because of what the body goes through during the incident – the jarring of bones, compression of discs and the sheer movement of the head on the neck. GRAVITY can play a good part in recovery as during a session it holds the neck in place long enough to calm the twitching nerve endings which in turn can begin to relieve the neck pain. Be very gentle when faced with this injury and when using GRAVITY, if it feels too painful listen to your body and start with short sessions every couple of days and then build up the time and frequency of GRAVITY.

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