Regimental Sergeant Major Barry Gray has now begun his two-part Antarctic challenge.

For the first phase of the challenge Barry will ski solo from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole – a 715-mile journey. Baz considers this a great ‘test run’ for the much longer second phase.

Phase two will begin in November 2019 during the Antarctic summer, where the Former Royal Marine Commando will attempt to successfully cross the Entire Antarctic Continent. This will be done solo again and without any support – such as the use of resupply and dogs.

To complete the second half of the challenge Barry will need to cover 1600 miles and aims to do so by the end of January 2020, giving him just 90 days.

Aiming to break lots of amazing records along the way, Barry also intends to help raise awareness of climate change and the effects on the planet by feeding back important data about the Antarctic Continent.

Last year, Barry shared a great video about GRAVITY, explaining how he had been using the device throughout his preparation for the challenge and has found that it helps with his trouble areas – his knees and lower back. Barry also states that the system helps to destress him and ensures he has a good sleep each night.

While GRAVITY has acted as the perfect preparation tool, it will also assist him throughout the two-part challenge, allowing him to rest and repair after covering many miles each day.

You can follow Barry’s journey here –