We are pleased to confirm the launch of the GRAVITY LIFE Blue Light Project, offering a discount to serving and retired personnel in the emergency services and armed forces.

After initially offering a product discount to our local Cheshire Police Federation as part of an occupational health provision, we received positive feedback and looked at how we could develop this trial into a larger, long running scheme.

We have now rolled the scheme out at a national level as we try to do our part in keeping emergency workforces mobile and helping to protect those that protect us.

This has been met with delight by a variety of NHS Ambulance Services, the Fire Brigades Union, Police forces, the Police Federation, and across the armed forces.

A wellbeing manager for the South East Coast Ambulance Service – NHS Foundation Trust gave us the following statement;

“In May, we began a trial of the device with members of staff able to borrow a GRAVITY device for 2 weeks, and then staff were able to purchase under the ‘Blue Light Scheme’. The majority of staff reported a much-improved posture, with one commenting ‘it had changed their life’. As well as the physical benefits, many staff reported improved mental health, as using the device for 10-20 minutes a day meant they had to lie down and weren’t able to do anything – which is much needed in a busy life!”

Serving and retired police officers and staff can buy a GRAVITY system on our website using the details available from their federation, or they can contact us for details.

Fire Brigades Union
Police Federation