With the UK marathon season quickly approaching many people are in the thick of their training, either looking to complete their first marathon, or beat their personal best.

One of the biggest challenges faced by any runner is breathing. Whether you enjoy a quick jog around a park, or competing long distance is more your style, mastering your breathing technique is crucial. By relaxing on GRAVITY, your body is in the perfect position to open up the chest and diaphragm, allowing you to work on deep breathing. By committing to regular GRAVITY sessions users are able to gradually increase lung volume capacity, while slowing breathing rate thanks to their newly relaxed state. These benefits lend themselves perfectly to runners, as respiratory function improves, and they find themselves recovering much quicker from exertion.

Posture is hugely important for running gait. Poor posture when running means that the body has to work harder. It often overloads the muscles and restricts the circulation of blood and oxygen which can lead to injury. GRAVITY connects the head with the rest of the body and is proven to improve posture and gait. Following sessions with the GRAVITY system, users will notice their movements are more coordinated and smoother, improving overall running style.

Improved sleep is one of the key benefits to the relaxation found by using GRAVITY. This rest time is fundamental for any sports person as it encourages recovery. During sleep the blood flow to major muscles increases. Muscular tension is also released, leading to a healthier, less fatigued you.

Relaxation also increases alertness, concentration and focus, as well as boosting mood and confidence. Many long-distance runners hit the dreaded ‘runners wall’ around the 20 mile mark and while it may feel totally physical, mental strength plays a part here too. Thanks to the relaxed state brought on by GRAVITY, runners may feel more positive and better able to overcome this barrier.

GRAVITY is used by top athletes as a fitness tool for training, and as a recovery and rehabilitation tool. By combining GRAVITY sessions with running, overall performance and endurance are enhanced due to the many health benefits of this powerful relaxation tool.