Founder of Wellbeing Magazine, Rachel Branson had been struggling with her back for quite some time. She put the GRAVITY system to the test and has given the following review.

“If you have back pain I can personally recommend GRAVITY. I woke one morning with a really painful lower back, I spent the day trying to get comfortable, taking pain relief (which I hate taking) when I remembered that GRAVITYLIFE had sent me a sample a few weeks before. I got home and used it for the recommended 20 minutes (I had to adjust the triangle by removing the back as suggested to start with) after 20 minutes I felt some relief. I continued using it for 20 minutes each day and within 5 days my back was pain free. I’d already booked an appointment with someone to check my back and she was able to report that she couldn’t feel any problems. An even better result was that for the first time in 8 years I was able to sleep on my back again which I hadn’t been able to do since the birth of my daughter. I’ve now lent it to my friend whose suffered back pain for years, her first session she said she fell asleep and felt relief after one session… so watch this space as she’ll be updating me next week. Brilliant gadget, well worth getting.”

– Rachel Branson, Founder of Wellbeing Magazine

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