With the 2018/2019 ski season well underway and news reports of significant snow fall, you may be looking to hit the slopes before the end of season.

Regardless if you’re a complete beginner, or confident at racing down the black runs, during your visit to the alps you’ll want to come off the piste’s in one piece and able to enjoy all of the wonderful aspects of a ski holiday. To take part in this extremely fun, but physically demanding sport, a certain level of fitness is required, so we recommend a little bit of pre-holiday preparation. But don’t worry, that’s where GRAVITY comes in!

Using GRAVITY as a relaxation tool is a great way to prep your mind and body for skiing. A health benefit of relaxation is improved concentration, and this can lead to feeling more alert while travelling down the slopes at speed. Regular GRAVITY sessions will also allow you to feel more in tune with your body, with an increased awareness of your movements, resulting in better coordination and fluid movements when making your turns. GRAVITY is also proven to improve posture, and this can have a knock-on effect with respiratory function, allowing for faster recovery from exertion.

GRAVITY then allows you to take advantage of your trip, whether that means enjoying hot chocolate in front of the fire with your family or hitting the bars during an afternoon of après-ski!


Don’t just take our word for it, British World Cup Ski Cross athlete Emma Peters uses the GRAVITY system as part of her daily recovery;

“I compete in ski cross which is racing down a slope full of jumps, rollers and banked turns against 3 other people, all at the same time. My body is put under quite a lot of strain and the impacts are tough, so GRAVITY is part of my daily recovery to help align my back and neck after a fun days skiing!

I have unfortunately encountered a fair few crashes, mostly concussion and whiplash related and so I get a lot of neck pain, but GRAVITY helps to reduce it and allows me to excel in my sport!”

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