Stress and sleep have a two-way relationship and it’s easy to get caught in a negative cycle.

Stress can negatively impact your sleep (you may find it difficult to sleep, or the quality of your sleep could be reduced) and a bad sleep can make you less able to cope with stress. The less able you are to cope with stress, the more stressed you become and the impact on your sleep increases.

In addition to sleep, stress can also have a huge effect on the body, from fatigue, to a weakened immune system and even tense muscles.

So how do we break the cycle and tackle stress?

By allowing ourselves to truly relax on the GRAVITY system.

GRAVITY allows your body to rest in the perfect position to promote a change in the nervous system, this helps to control blood pressure, breathing and your heart rate.

Once we have calmed the mind and reduced our levels of stress and anxiety with the use of GRAVITY, we feel more relaxed and this improves our sleep.

Moreover, the benefits of good sleep thanks to GRAVITY go well beyond lowering stress levels and boosting your mood. A restful sleep is known to control inflammation, improve memory, sharpen attention and even enhance creativity!

GRAVITY truly can have knock-on, unlimited effects!