For many, even just the thought of a massage is relaxing and with regular treatments it’s believed that the benefits become longer lasting.

Look carefully at a Gravity system and you will notice that the spheres are all positioned at differing heights. This variable height spherical technology stimulates soft tissue and relaxes muscles, allowing Gravity to act as a self-massaging tool.

So, this little portable device is like having your very own in-house personal masseuse. Bliss!

With massage therapy known to provide many benefits, GRAVITY can help to;


Boost the immune system

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine stated that massage therapy improves the production of white blood cells which help us fight off disease. So, massage therapy and devices such as GRAVITY can help protect us from the likes of a common cold.


Boost wellbeing and mood
Studies have looked into how massage effects hormone levels, showing that people who receive a massage treatment at least twice a week have a decreased level of the stress hormone cortisol. This means that massage can reduce anxiety, stress and even depression as it’s known to increase the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine which help to regulate mood. Massage also improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure which can lead to enhanced organ function, making you feel brighter, happier and healthier.


Reduce pain and inflammation

Notice what you do when you knock your knee on the table or elbow on the door. Most of us will try to rub the pain away. Massage therapy does just that, it increases and improves circulation in the muscles, helping to relieve pain and decrease stiffness. There is also a reason why massage therapy is so popular amongst sports and fitness fans as it really relieves muscular tension following physical exercise. Just 10 minutes of massage can reduce inflammation and help your body recover more quickly.

GRAVITY for sports performance

Improve sleep

Massage therapy promotes deep relaxation and is a great opportunity for some you time. No matter what type of massage you go for, or even if you’re just using your GRAVITY system at home, typically you are distraction free and away from technology for at least 20 minutes, allowing yourself crucial time to unwind and switch off. This clearing of the mind reduces stress and anxiety and leads to better sleep with many reporting fewer sleep disturbances after a massage.


Improve posture

We usually lie in a natural position during massage therapy and great consideration was made with the invention of GRAVITY and how we could lie the body is its most neutral state to help counteract bad posture and positions which lead to pain. It’s all about getting the body back into proper alignment and relaxing and loosening the muscles which are made tense and sore by being constantly overused in unnatural positions. By improving posture through massage, the joints also benefit from increased flexibility and range of movement as pressure points are relieved.