Around this time of year many of us are starting a new fitness programme. Perhaps we feel we have overdone it over the festive season, or maybe we have some fitness goals that we’d like to achieve during the coming year. Regardless of our reasons, fitness becomes a popular New Year resolution during January, with the most gym memberships being signed in this month.

The first obstacle that you may be faced with when beginning the year with your new regime is mobility. The ability to move easily is something we often take for granted, but it’s an important factor for any sport or exercise. The more mobile you are, the easier you will be able to perform certain movements and this leads onto flexibility, coordination and gait.

Regular GRAVITY sessions can help to improve mobility as it works on your posture and balance. The system joins up the head, spine and hips, helping to promote perfect alignment and the feeling of smooth, connected movements.

Stay safe while working on your health and fitness this year by using GRAVITY not only as an injury prevention tool, but as a way of recovering and repairing muscles after sport or exercise.

GRAVITY for sports performance